Winnipeg Arts Council

WAC Arts Awards 2015

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Winnipeg Arts Council Awards. This year’s nominees came from a wide range of disciplines and reflect the diverse nature of the Winnipeg Arts Scene.

RBC On the Rise

  • Lara Ciekiewicz

    Hailed as "mesmerizing," "magnificently bell-toned," and "stunning," soprano (and proud prairie girl) Lara Ciekiewicz is making her mark as a compelling singer-actress on opera and concert stages across North America.

    Nominated by Manitoba Opera

  • Roger Boyer and Craig Guiboche

    Craig Guiboche and Roger Boyer are fixtures of the Winnipeg Aboriginal film community, organizing and supporting talent and producing their own films in a grassroots, community-oriented way.

    Nominated by NSI

  • Marie-Josée Clément

    marijosée finds mischievous pleasure in sharing thoughts that should be otherwise left in her diary. Cue her sophomore album, Pas tout cuit dans l'bec, which covers subjects as varied as her imagination and delivered with a voice both powerful and seductive.

    Nominated by Festival du Voyageur

  • Stephen Meier

    Khan Vikshyn is a unique Winnipeg Hip-Hop artist whose dedication has helped him grow from street level battle rapper to established new Canadian artist.

    Nominated by Ol' Roy Records

Making a Mark

  • KC Adams

    KC Adams in a Winnipeg-based artist whose artistic practice addresses racism, challenges and perceptions of the indigenous community, human impact on the land, and by extension, the marked impacts of colonization.

    Nominated by Urban Shaman

  • Jennine Krauchi

    Jennine Krauchi is an internationally recognized Métis artist who has created historic reproductions, custom designed clothing, and contemporary art works using the traditional mediums of beadwork, porcupine quillwork and silk embroidery.

    Nominated by MAWA

  • David MacNair

    David MacNair has been pursuing his sculptural trade for 30 plus years. He creates unique ephemeral works of art out of snow but also sculpts with steel and paints

    Nominated by Festival du Voyageur

  • Shea Macolmson

    Shea 'Abstract Artform' Malcolmson is an entrepreneur who has helped the Hip-Hop community in numerous ways including time as a commercial radio host, award winning producer and chart-topping artist.

    Nominated by Stephen Meier

  • Kristin Nelson

    Kristin Nelson examines the nature of the production of art & value by creating encounters with objects, people, & places to which value has not been attributed. What value are we losing & gaining & what is authentic? Her skill is exceptional, her thought is prescient, her artworks satisfy & intrigue.

    Nominated by aceartinc.

  • Freya Björg Ōlafson

    Freya Olafson is a visionary force whose astonishing work defines and far surpasses conventional artistic practice. Not just making a mark, she is re-drawing the boundary lines!

    Nominated by Dave Barber

Making a Difference

  • Patricia Bovey

    Pat Bovey is a museologist, curator, art historian, writer and educator whose work has focused on developing professional standards and on increasing public access to arts and culture.

    Nominated by MAWA

  • Steve Kirby

    Through initiatives like The Hang, CanU, Jazz on Wheels, the Big dig! Band, and dig! magazine, Steve Kirby has shaped and nutured Winnipeg into The Jazz Capital of Canada!

    Nominated by CanU Canada

  • Paul Nolin

    Paul Nolin is commitment. He leads Jazz Winnipeg with a shared vision and mission to the ongoing development of jazz music in the city through The TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival, NuSounds programming, Jazz on Wheels and partnerships with U of M Jazz & dig! Magazine.

    Nominated by Jazz Winnipeg

  • Louis Ogemah

    Artist, activist, educator, theatre worker and board member Louis Ogemah has been a quiet backbone and cultural architect of the Indigenous arts scene in Winnipeg, most notably with his role as founder of Urban Shaman in the late 1990s, and his commitment to connecting art and community.

    Nominated by Cathy MAttes

  • Brian Perchaluk

    Brian Perchaluk has made a difference through his extraordinary and creative interpretation of plays in his set and costume designs for theatres in Winnipeg and across Canada.

    Nominated by PTE

  • Talia Pura

    Talia Pura has dedicated her entire career to the arts, constantly giving back to community. Her gifts to Winnipeg will live on through having inspired the young artists of tomorrow.

    Nominated by ACI Manitoba

  • hannah_g & Jamie Wright

    Through their tireless dedication to the administration and programming of aceartinc. and Winnipeg's art community, hannah_g and Jamie Wright create opportunities and provide support for artists and community.

    Nominated by aceartinc

  • Ludolf Renier Grollé

    In 2013 Ludolf Grollé, a professional artist highly qualified in business, opened Grollé Fine Art in Winnipeg to promote and nuture Canadian artists locally, nationally and internationally

    Nominated by Clyde D Finlay

  • Donna Fletcher

    Donna Fletcher is a Winnipeg performer, teacher, director and mentor, nuturing and championing Winnipeg arts and artists, promoting local talent nationwide and allowing young artists to grow their careers nationally and internationally.

    Nominated by Glynis Corkal & Mariam Bernstein

  • Noah Erenberg

    Noah Erenberg is a mentor and trainer for NSI's Aboriginal programs and routinely goes above and beyond with his commitment to documentary filmmaking and student growth.

    Nominated by NSI

Outstanding Volunteer Award

  • Sylvia Flam

    Adding up all of the years that Sylvia Flam has volunteered for arts, culture, health care, and animal protection, it comes to over 240 years. Sylvia is an outstanding example of her commitment to volunteering.

    Nominated by Shakespeare in the Ruins and PTE

  • Nicola Schaefer

    Since moving to Winnipeg over 40 years ago, Nicola Schaefer has been a tireless volunteer in the arts. Her quiet exemplary leadership has been an inspiration and her efforts have made meaningful and enduring contributions.

    Nominated by Agassiz Chamber Music Festival

  • Susan Lamberd

    Susan Lamberd voluntarily directs Arts and Disability Network Manitoba's programming and events to ensure inclusion for Winnipeg's arts and disability community while introducing Winnipeg to international artists with disabilities, thus encouraging critical and cultural dialogue.

    Nominated by Arts & Disabilities Network Manitoba and MAWA

  • Michelle Weinberg

    Michelle Weinberg has generously given her time to Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre since 2006 when she chose Winnipeg to be her home. Her tireless dedications to the Board of Trustees and Black & White Ball have helped ensure the success of professional theatre in Winnipeg.

    Nominated by Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

Arts Champion

  • Graham C. Lount Family Foundation

    Founded in 2001 by Graham Lount, The Graham C. Lount Family Foundation's overall mission is to promote the healthy development and personal growth opportunities of children and youth residing in Greater Winnipeg.

    Nominated by Martha Street Studio

  • Cathy Auld

    For over thirty years, Cathy Auld has championed Mentoring Artists for Women's Art for its importance to furthering Winnipeg women artists' innovative contributions to Canadian and to international art.

    Nominated by MAWA

  • Wawanesa Insurance

    Wawanesa Insurnace supports many major art organizations in Winnipeg including the Winnipeg Art Gallery. A major gift by Wawanesa has enabled the WAG to improve its capacity to present many high profile art exhibitions to local audiences present rich educational programs.

    Nominated by WAG