Winnipeg Arts Council

2022 WAC Awards Winners

The Annual Winnipeg Arts Council Awards were held on Thursday, June 16, 2022, at the Fort Garry Hotel as part of the Mayor’s Luncheon for the Arts. This marks the first time since June 2019 that we were able to gather together once more to recognize and promote the arts, artists, and partnerships that make Winnipeg a centre for cultural achievement. This year marks the 15th edition of the Awards, which were celebrated virtually in 2021, and were put on pause in 2020.

The Mayor’s Luncheon for the Arts and the Winnipeg Arts Council Awards were established in 2007 to celebrate the remarkable artists who make Winnipeg their home. For the past fifteen years, it has stayed faithful to its original purpose: to remind the entire city that we have something to celebrate—accomplishment of the highest order. The event has grown to become been an integral part of the arts community calendar, an opportunity to come together as a community and recognize the good fortune we have to live in a city of such artistic talents.

The Luncheon was hosted by Jim Agapito of CBC’s Recovering Filipino podcast and featured entertainment by the Gabi Ocejo Trio and a performance by Winnipeg Poet Laureate Duncan Mercredi. Mayor Brian Bowman was present to give remarks as well as a few awards.

Congratulations to all the nominees and award winners. We are thrilled that we are not only able to celebrate this talented and diverse group of artists, but we are also able to celebrate the previous year’s winners for whom no public celebration was held. They all contribute immensely to Winnipeg’s cultural vitality and unique artistic life. We are grateful for their hard work and dedication as they continue to enrich our city.

- Carol A. Phillips, Executive Director, Winnipeg Arts Council

Mayor Brian Bowman, winners Taylor McArthur, Rhayne Vermette, and Susan Lamberd, Ken Fetherstonhaugh, and host Jim Agapito stand on stage at the Fort Garry Hotel in front of two green WAC banners.

WAC Awards 2022: Mayor Brian Bowman, Taylor McArthur, Rhayne Vermette, Susan Lamberd, Ken Fetherstonhaugh (RBC), Jim Agapito.

RBC On the Rise

  • Taylor McArthur

    Taylor McArthur (Pogé hąská wašté wiyá/Hummingbird Woman) is part of building the future of Indigenous digital art practice, while centering her work in traditional knowledge and ways of being.

    Nominated by National Indigenous Media Coalition.

  • Patterns Collective

    Curatorial team Patterns Collective is unparalleled in its efforts to connect artists across disciplines to offer new, inclusive, perspectives for our arts community.

    Nominated by Gallery 1C03

  • Emily Solstice Tait

    Emily Solstice Tait is an emerging dance and performance artist whose outstanding, insightful and caring work resonates locally and nationally.

    Nominated by Young Lungs Dance Exchange

  • Julianna Zwierciadlowska-Rhymer

    Julianna Zwierciadlowska Rhymer’s ceramic work explores the impact food production has on culture, the welfare of livestock, the environment, and the health effects on the communities who will eat them.

    Nominated by Manitoba Craft Council

Making a Mark

  • Rhayne Vermette

    With the critical success of her first feature film Ste. Anne, along with recently lauded solo and group shows, filmmaker and artist Rhayne Vermette has established herself as an internationally recognized artist who merits study, support, and celebration.

    Nominated by Mentoring Artists for Women's Art.

  • Paul DeGurse

    Music director, keyboard player, and composer Paul De Gurse is highly respected across Canada as a conductor of musical theatre orchestras. Paul is always striving to excel at his art and support young artists through teaching and mentoring.

    Nominated by Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts

  • Yisa Akinbolaji

    For 25 years Yisa Akinbolaji has consistently demonstrated the highest level of excellence through his creativity and social activities internationally, and returning to Winnipeg where he brings us pride.

    Nominated by Bola Oriyomi

Making a Difference

  • Susan Lamberd

    For over ten years as the volunteer chair of Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba, Susan Lamberd has successfully advocated for and provided professional opportunities to artists and patrons who identify as Deaf and/or disabled.

    Nominated by Arts AccessAbility Network Manitoba

  • Norine Harty

    Throughout her 12 years as Executive Director of the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts, Norine Harty has been a steadfast champion of accessible music and arts programming in Winnipeg.

    Nominated by Manitoba Conservatory of Music & Arts

  • Angela Heck

    Angela Heck is the Executive Director of Jazz Winnipeg where she is responsible for the overall operations of the festival, held annually in June. She has worked in and for the arts in Winnipeg and across Canada in film, music and performing arts.

    Nominated by Geraldine de Braune

  • Natasha Torres-Garner

    Natasha Torres-Garner has been creating visionary, community-minded work in the field of dance over a 17 year period.

    Nominated by Young Lungs Dance Exchange