• About the Billboard & Calendar

    About the Billboard & Calendar

    The Winnipeg Arts Billboard & Calendar are subscription-based, free services provided by the Winnipeg Arts Council. A notification of Events This Week and News (not the entire billboard) is distributed by email every Thursday to subscribed members of the arts community. The Billboard/Calendar contains events, opportunities and significant news items of interest to both the general public and members of the local arts community. Anyone can subscribe on-line by entering their email address in the "Subscribe" box at the bottom of the Billboard page, or by emailing [email protected]

    The Billboard/Calendar is available at all times by visiting http://www.winnipegarts.ca/billboard, no subscription needed. It is updated once a week coinciding with the email notification.

    Inclusion in the Winnipeg Arts Billboard/Calendar should not be construed as an endorsement of any given event or opportunity by the Winnipeg Arts Council. For more information about a listing, please contact the associated organization or individual directly. The Winnipeg Arts Council is not responsible for the content of external web sites.

    For information on how to submit, please click on How to Submit.

  • How to Submit

    How to Submit a Listing for the Winnipeg Arts Billboard/Calendar

    If you would like to submit an event listing, news item, call-for-submission, or professional opportunity for consideration, please send it to [email protected] by 5:00 p.m. Wednesday for inclusion in Thursday's Billboard/Calendar.

    Things to keep in mind when submitting:

    • Listings only need to be submitted once, and will be included in the Billboard/Calendar until the event concludes or the deadline passes; listings that do not have an associated end-date will be included for two weeks. Please indicate "Name or Org, subject of the post" in the subject line of your e-mail.
    • Text should be submitted in a Word document, text document or in the body of an email. If you have links in your text, your best bet is to send the information in a Word document including the linked text so we can easily cut and paste. Please do not submit tables, digests, or submission/application forms. Newsletter formats cannot be used to update the billboard.  We cannot include images or attachments.
    • The Winnipeg Arts Council reserves the right to edit submissions for length and suitability.  
    • When you are sending information, please be conscious if you have sent it before. Resending information that is already posted on the Billboard can be confusing and time consuming to those that do the updating.
    • We cannot do internal editing. If you are sending multiple events in one email or on one document, that is great, but please send each post EXACTLY as you would like them to appear in the posting including the website and contact information, title of the event etc with every single posting.  In other words, please do not list the name of the events and website at the top of the page, and then each subsequent posting below, with an expectation that we will copy and paste from the top of the page into each entry. Due to the volume of posts we get, we do not do any editing. We are limited to cutting and pasting exactly what we receive. 
    • Please be specific about the dates of your event. Do not send ongoing events with no specific parameters (e.g. Open mic, Mondays at 9pm) If you do have ongoing events, please send them one month at a time (e.g. Open Mic, April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 OR Open Mic, Mondays in April). 
      • If your event runs for a period of time, you will want to let us know the days you are closed or the days you are “dark”. If your museum is only open Friday through Sunday, or your play doesn't run on Mondays, please indicate that to us so we can list you on the appropriate days.  If you send us dates of your event without including days you are closed, your event will appear on every day within the range of dates you have sent us.
    • If you are sending a call for submission or employment opportunity, please include a DEADLINE. If you do not include a deadline, your post will be on the site for one month. 
    • We do not post calls to artist that have a fee for submission.

    For efficiency and continuity, please clearly include the following information in your submission. However, please don't include the words below. In other words, include the name of the organization involved, but please don't include the words: "The Organization involved".

        The Organization involved
        The Group / Artist involved, if applicable
        The Title of the event, news item, call, or professional opportunity
        The dates involved (i.e. start, end, deadline, reception)
        Contact information, if applicable
        URL / web address, if applicable

    For more information about submitting to the Winnipeg Arts Billboard/Calendar, please contact [email protected].


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