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A Duo Exhibition ROBERT BRUCE (1911-1980) KEITH WOOD (1944-2018)

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Robert Bruce (1911-1980) was an artist and a professor at the School of Art at the University of

Manitoba. Born in Grandview Manitoba, his early training as an artist was under the tutelage of

L.L. FitzGerald at the Winnipeg School of Art.

As a dedicated educator for 30 years, his teaching approach focused on good design and

drawing. “The important basis is the drawing.” No matter where Bruce went, he had his

sketchbook in hand and encouraged his students to do the same. Known for his unorthodox

teaching techniques and materials, Bruce is lauded by many of Manitoba’s artists today as an

inspiring teacher from whom they learned the most in their fine arts education. His daughter

Katharine Bruce, a celebrated Manitoba artist is a testament to her father’s teaching legacy.

KEITH WOOD (1944-2018) ARTST STATEMENT by Shira Wood

My dad made everyone smile. His casual, friendly demeanor drew people to him and once he had your

attention his storytelling kept you there. His stories were always colorful; some made you laugh, some

made you blush and some just made you smile.

Dad was always excited to talk about art and loved seeing interest in all generations. When aspiring

artists knew his work and were excited to chat with him you could see the glow inside of him. I don’t

believe this was because it made him feel important, I believe this was because it excited him to see the same passion for art he had in others, the process, the emotion, the sometimes-unpredictable results, and the unbridled, unbreakable commitment to creating.