Winnipeg Arts Council

Conflict Resolution with Facilitated Solutions

This workshop will enhance comprehension of conflict habits and patterns and will support the development of skills and knowledge to effectively prevent, manage, and resolve conflicts.

Frameworks and skills learned can also help reshape thoughts, actions, and relationships in all areas of life, including the most important personal connections.

This workshop will explore three areas:

Befriending and Preventing Conflict (acceptance as key to preventing escalation)

Skills for Managing Differences (working well with differences that are not going away)

Skills for Resolving Acute Conflict (finding a way out of suffering and stalemates)

About the instructor

David Dyck, MA, CMed is a seasoned conflict resolution practitioner with 30 years of professional experience. He has assisted hundreds of teams across a wide swath of industry, including the film and arts sectors, to talk about difficult issues, manage differences, and leverage the power of positive conflict to transform relationships and teamwork for the better. As a trainer, Dave has presented courses across Canada as well as in the USA and Europe. He holds a BA and Master’s degree in conflict resolution and has been a managing partner, senior mediator and trainer at Facilitated Solutions since 2003.