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Cory Doctorow - Escaping the enshittocene

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In 2023, Doctorow coined the term “enshittification” to describe the way that online platforms decay. The American Dialect Society made it its Word of the Year for 2023. Doctorow takes this to the next level in his Winnipeg talk entitled “Escaping the Enshittocene: Why Everything Is Terrible and What To Do About It."

The talk will focus on the use of technology in our everyday lives. The rapid, precipitous decline of every digital service we depend on isn't a coincidence. It's the result of specific known, policy choices made by specific, named individuals. Those decisions can be reversed. Doctorow will explain what enshittification is, how it works, and why it's happening now. And, most importantly, how we can reverse it: by seizing the means of computation and building a new, good internet suitable to serve as the digital nervous system of a connected world confronting environmental collapse, genocide and rising fascism.