Winnipeg Arts Council

Dry Cold Productions Presents: Merrily We Roll Along

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Merrily We Roll Along follows the successful career of Broadway composer turned Hollywood producer Franklin Shepard.

Throughout the course of the show, during which time regresses from 1976 to 1957, we learn how Frank accomplished this - with the help of his best friends Charley (who authors the books and lyrics) and Mary (who is a writer in her own right and is always around for support and guidance). The trio of friends are inspired to become big players in American musical theatre and vow to “change the world” after witnessing the Russian Sputnik satellite orbiting the earth on a cold October night.

Over time, Franklin learns the genuine cost of fame and fortune as he alienates his beloved friends and family along the way. He gives up his original dreams for ones with more financial and fewer emotional benefits, ultimately realizing that he has left himself with nothing of any value.