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Echoes // Alana MacDougall

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Echoes by Alana MacDougall explores remembered, reinterpreted, and reimagined imagery generated by medical imaging technology. The schematization of forms allows them to defy easy categorization, simultaneously suggesting the cells, organs, geological formations, or the celestial. In addition to reflecting on the abstract nature of medical imagery, the work explores mortality, and the vulnerability of our bodies in the context of illness and western medical intervention. The artist draws on her experience as a patient to explore psychological impacts of cultural and systemic norms on communication and agency. Echoes investigates this schematic imagery through linocut embossing, silkscreen printing, drawing, and ceramic sculpture (often in combination). MacDougall combines a plurality of methods of production in this exhibition. Sometimes beginning by drawing before scanning, printing, and reworking with drawing again, MacDougall also uses materials and processes connected to linocut printing to emboss images onto porcelain clay. Print strategies are explored in three dimensions through hand-altered cast-porcelain multiples.