Winnipeg Arts Council

Geneviève Levasseur: Take Two

Opening reception for Geneviève Levasseur's exhibition Take Two, Friday, May 3 from 6pm to 8pm. All are welcome. 

Geneviève Levasseur's series of acrylic works depict quiet moments done in her characteristic photorealist style. Bathed in light, and using a vibrant, contemporary palette, each scene offers more to discover upon second glance. 

Geneviève sees life as a journey of experiences, leaving artworks along the way. Works are inspired by travel, history and the people she meets, fuelled by a connection with nature.

Her quiet, yet powerful images are bathed in a particular light, using a contemporary palette, as she indulges in the vibrant colours we now associate with the digital age. Each scene offers more to discover upon second glance.

Alongside her paintings, Geneviève loves exploring the outdoors and finding reasons to play in the mud. This has led to discoveries using mud as a medium in paintings and ceramics, evolving different techniques over time. She collects clay and mud from specific sites, where the mud itself becomes the subject matter, at the heart of the depiction or object.

Geneviève Levasseur bases her practice out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. She earned her Fine Arts degree in 2011 from the University of Manitoba, followed by an internship in Paris at “La Maison Rouge” gallery. In the decade that followed she has grown her art career. Geneviève continues to travel the far reaches of the country and abroad, speckled with artist residencies and shows. Most recently, her 3 year project Healing Shoes/Moccasins is on permanent display at the National Indigenous Residential School Museum where she handmade 156 ceramic shoes (one for each year since Treaty 1 was signed) using mud from 4 different residential school sites in Manitoba.