Winnipeg Arts Council

Grace Nickel: Inter Artes Et Naturem (Between Art and Nature)

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Over the course of her career, Grace Nickel’s observational approach has led her to explore themes of devastation, memorial, and our cultural relationship to death.

Nickel’s artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally — including a 2002 solo show A Quiet Passage: Grace Nickel at the Winnipeg Art Gallery — and it is clear why. Nickel’s studio practice embraces new technologies and methods by building on traditional ceramic histories and processes. Today, she primarily produces experiential sculptural installations, often introducing organic forms to more familiar porcelain shapes like vases or columns. For instance, Nickel often references textures drawn from nature, especially trees, as a metaphoric proxy for the cyclical nature of the human body and human existence.

This solo show is a celebration of a leading Manitoban artist recognized worldwide for her innovative work and technical skill. Don’t miss this show at WAG-Qaumajuq!