Winnipeg Arts Council

Image Transfer with Graham Wiebe

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4 + 5 NOVEMBER, 2023 | 12PM - 3PM

100 Arthur St., PLATFORM centre



The transference of images is continuous in our everyday correspondence with photography. Whether we’re screenshoting or photocopying, new images are being made and replicated rapidly. In this workshop, participants will receive hands-on experience with both gel medium and xylene image transfers which is the act of taking a common laser or inkjet print, and physically copying the image to another surface. Additionally, they will learn about the long history of the image transfer in contemporary art, starting with Robert Rauschenberg and his “transfer drawings” to artists like Tatjana Danneberg, and Valentina Vaccarella who are working with the techniques today. Participants will leave with two image transfers. Experimentation is highly encouraged.

The poor image is a copy in motion. Its quality is bad, its resolution substandard. As it accelerates, it deteriorates.

-Hito Steyerl

Participants are asked to bring the following - notebook, computer or phone for notes, USB with 2 Images of your choice (optional)

Graham Wiebe is an artist based in Winnipeg, Canada. Wiebe has recently exhibited solo and two-person exhibitions at Disneyland Paris in Perth, Australia, Final Hot Desert in the Great Basin Desert, UT, Jargon Projects in Chicago, IL, Blinkers in Winnipeg, Canada, and group exhibitions at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in Salt Lake City, UT, Night Club in St. Paul, MN, The Living Art Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland, Palazzo San Giuseppe in Polignano a Mare, Italy, afternoon projects in Vancouver, Canada, and BSMNT in Leipzig, Germany.