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Immersive Theatre with Rodrigo Beilfuss

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In 'Immersive Theatre' we will explore the relationship between performance and the environment - the literal, physical space around us - and how each influences the other. We will consider how staging techniques, and the audience's experience and expectations can be shaped by what's around us. We will cover concepts, challenge the very idea of what Theatre and traditional theatrical spaces are and can be, and seek sources of inspiration from what we see outside of ourselves.


Born and raised in Brazil, Rodrigo first moved to Manitoba in 2001 as an exchange student. Recent credits include playing Athos at the RMTC’s The Three Musketeers, and directing Pandora (PTE/SIR) and The Dark Lady (SIR/SOTS). He holds a BA (Honours) from the University of Winnipeg, an MA from LAMDA, and he’s a graduate of Stratford’s two flagship programs, the Birmingham Conservatory, and the Michael Langham Workshop. Rodrigo spent four years at Stratford, and then relocated back to Winnipeg to be the Artistic Director of Shakespeare in the Ruins in the Fall of 2019. He also loves teaching, and has led workshops across Canada, USA, UK, and Brazil.