Winnipeg Arts Council

Latent Knowledge Translated

Latent Knowledge Translated: A mixed media exhibit featuring Bernard Ferguson, Sandra Vincent, and Danielle Fontaine Koslowsky.

September 28-October 17, Tuesday to Saturday, 11-5pm; Evenings by appointment, open later for First Friday, October 6, 11am to 9pm.

Meet the Artist:

September 30, 12-5pm

October 6, 5-9pm

or by appointment.

GROUP ARTIST STATEMENT: Time capsules of the human experience reside in the depths of consciousness. Latent aspects of knowledge lie dormant awaiting invitation through artistic translation. These transient ideas are expressed through different mediums resulting in diverse experiences.

Danielle Fontaine Koslowsky is a Franco-Manitoban visual artist. Her body of work explores the nebulous subject of the interior life. Her practice, rooted in the contemplative path and the study of the mystics, explores her own inner landscape; a fractal of the human experience. Her work, like a mirror, reflects back to the self its journey inwards, beckoning the viewer on their own journey into the interior life.

Sandra Vincent is an award-winning ceramic sculptor. Her work reflects the intersection of her love of the natural environment and the impact of humans. Sandra’s new body of work explores the Sacred Feminine.

Bernard Ferguson is a Winnipeg mixed media artist that invites the veiled transient aspects of the mind into a dialogue through abstract painting and collage. As a multidisciplined artist Bernard appreciates the art process as an evocative conduit of expressive communication. Utilizing different mediums allows his work to be more relevant and adaptive in life’s journey. Through ceramics, clay is seen as reflective and responsive to our state of being which is absorbed and embedded in a vessel.