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Les formes animées de la couleur by Benjamin Perron

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"Les formes animées de la couleur"

Benjamin Perron

November 2-25, 2023

Le Studio


Starting from a quote by Gaston Bachelard, Les formes animées de la couleur, aims to take advantage of the latent qualities of photographic paper. While the colors and shades of grey and black are usually revealed through the development process in a darkroom, I instead use these papers in the “light room” of the garden or studio, denaturing their original function by allowing natural light to transform the color of the paper. The presented works, which won’t have been developed or fixed in the darkroom, will then change color throughout the duration of the exhibition. This moment given for space and time will allow us to situate ourselves in the present moment, as the works are in constant transformation. By the unfolding of artworks in grid patterns, by the colors that will appear, or by the aesthetic qualities of the works themselves, the animated forms of colors will participate in blurring the boundaries between photography and painting.