Winnipeg Arts Council

Matt Foster ’ True Needs’ Album Release Concert

Matt Foster’s True Needs must be heard to be believed.

The album has been described as a masterful sonic paradox, a quiet storm both stunning and profound, managing somehow an under-the-covers intimacy that is also inexplicably vast and without horizon, full of space and hushed subtleties

Matt’s live band is a tour de force, an acte majeur of intimacy, speaking their own language, bodies and music both stirring the room, and casting a deep reverie in the crowd. The hurdy gurdy in particular, in the hands of Quintin Bart, is compelling beyond words. It becomes acoustic medieval synth, evoking an eerie timelessness. Every creak and groan of the show makes for theatrical, cinematic experience. This one’s not to be missed!

Expect to be transported, expect the cinematic, expect music and visuals like a balm and poultice for anxiety and loneliness. Expect to and walk out, having truly gathered and come together.