Winnipeg Arts Council

Nabil Azab: ‘You are not very far away’

PLATFORM centre is thrilled to announce, You are not very far away, a solo exhibition of new commissioned works by Nabil Azab (QC).

EXHIBITION | 14 June - 20 July, 2024

Utilizing images sourced from a diverse range of archival media, Azab isolates images and leaves them without context. In doing so, the artist chooses to highlight the emotive capacities of images and photography and their ability to bear endless points of departure for the viewer.

The exhibition features several large scale photographic images pasted and mounted directly onto the gallery wall. As well, a collection of lightboxes housing the artist’s own analogue slides from 2019-2024 circulates the gallery and adjacent room.

Accompanying the exhibition is a poem commissioned by the artist and PLATFORM by Assiyah Jamilla Toure. Utilizing the same archival media and books, Toure scans the language of these resources, rather than the images. Taking apart certain verses and descriptions, while infusing the text with new histories relating to both artist’s vested interest in image circulation, and light.

The artist would like to sincerely thank PLATFORM, Justin, Asa Perlman, Franz Kaka, and Assiyah Jamilla Toure.


Nabil Azab (b. 1994, Paris, France) is a multidisciplinary artist of North African descent. They live and work in kanien’kehá:ka territory (Montréal). Azab employs drawing, painting, writing and researching as fodder for abstract photographic works that resist the objectivity and disciplinarity of the medium in contemporary life. Recent solo exhibitions include Something good that never happened at Afternoon Projects, Vancouver (2022) and the welling up which would not pass at DRAC, Drummondville, Quebec (2022).