Winnipeg Arts Council

“Nostalgia” by Colette Balcaen

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The pandemic has been hard on all of us and we have seen it portrayed in the media. The artist uses textiles, threads, her memories, texts and music to communicate those feelings to people who live in long-term care homes - sadness, isolation, suffering and loss, sometimes mixed to glimpses of happy memories from the past. The installation evoques a dripping rain, as one would use in movies during sad and heartbreaking moments. The artist, present in her own work, is a pacifying element that by small repetitive gestures and her voice at various volumes between moments of silence, emphasize a certain desperation but also gentle, happy memories.

Colette Balcaen was able to put this exhibition together thanks to her collaborators: Gérard Campagne, a music and software technician; Erica Lincoln, an artist-technician; Yvette Cénérini, an artist member of La Maison des artistes and Nicole Gautron, a musician who plays the cello. We also recognize the financial support of the Manitoba Arts Council.