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Not Too Hot or Cold, Just right

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Not too hot or cold, just right” is a form of open invitation into a fertile atmosphere suitable for a dialogue between two personalities coexisting in one body. This dialogue is a brawl for understanding and not supremacy, leaving the viewer deeply immersed in an experience basked in euphoria. This exhibition explores the use of storytelling to arouse particular emotional responses such as joy, sadness, anger, frustration, and excitement from its viewers, setting a stage for self-reflection. This body of work, in its way, transforms the space into a time capsule as one side talks about the protagonist going about his daily life, while the screen displays his true inner self yearning to exist. This inner self is usually suppressed and oftentimes forgotten.

Through this exhibition, we hope to remind people of the lost friend we have lingering within. Our inner self is always the person that knows us best. My aim is to encourage viewers to embrace one’s inner self to achieve self-love and most importantly self-compassion as opposed to hiding that part of ourselves. That way we are able to - maintain a balance in our lives, not too hot or too cold but just right.