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In this original production of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, the audience is invited to follow the doomed pair into the underworld where Orpheus must bargain to rescue his beloved. The original Greek myth has been adapted numerous times for opera, film, and ballet. In the company’s version, Artistic Director Pedro Aurelio draws on the language of Spanish dance in a dramatic retelling of the tale, showcasing the rhythmic footwork of flamenco and lyricism of balletic bolero school dances. The audience can expect the signature elements distinct to Spanish dance, with the visual swirl of fans and shawls grounded by the percussion of castanets.

Since founding the company in 1997, Choreographer and Artistic Director Pedro Aurelio has explored many noted Spanish and cultural figures in his productions, from Federico Garcia Lorca and Pablo Picasso to Cleopatra and Cinderella. In this performance, a dozen dancers showcase hours of training and expertise in various forms of Spanish dance. As a company, Bolero Dance Theatre has performed extensively, both locally and in locations across Canada. The company’s production of Goya and the Maja was screened as part of the Victoria Flamenco Festival 2022.