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It is a magnificent thing to be alive in a moment that matters so much.

--Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katherine K. Wilkinson, All We Can Save

Opening reception 7-9 pm, 7 September.

AO Roberts, Cheryl Zubrack, Chimwemwe Undi, Colleen Cutschall, Darren Stebeleski, David Heinrichs, Helga Jakobson, Jamie Wright, Jonato Dalayoan, Moneca Sinclaire, Phil Brake, Reza Rezai, Sarah Ciurysek, Sarah Anne Johnson, Sonny Cai, Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan, Toby Gillies, Victoria Mamnguqsualuk, Yvonne Carlson.

This exhibition is grounded in the belief that most people love our planet and that when hope and action are entangled important, lifesaving things happen.

The causes of the climate crisis and mass extinctions and the unjust distribution of loss and pain have deep roots in colonialism, imperialism, industrialisation, and unrestrained capitalism. Although these roots may be deep, a great many people have a sense of fairness and reciprocity that runs deeper—taproots that connect us to our humanity and capacity for love that outweigh self-interest, fear, and greed.

Love and art are forces to be reckoned with. They can enable us to do things we might otherwise think impossible. They can help us connect with nature and understand that we are nature, not separate from it.

Our planet needs our love, love of the fiercest, most imaginative, hopeful and active kind.

Curated by hannah_g.

As part of the complementary programming, there will be five brasses located around the city for folks to make rubbings from and have a take home piece of art! Find out more at

This exhibition was made possible with funding from the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation.