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Programs Coordinator

Key Responsibilities:

● Program Coordination: Develop, coordinate, and maintain timelines for On Screen

Manitoba’s programming slate.

● Tracking Documents: Develop and update tracking documents to ensure all

program details are organized and up-to-date.

● Letters of Agreement: Prepare Letters of Agreement for program participants and


● Registration Management: Develop and monitor registration forms, ensuring all

participant information is accurately recorded.

● Participant Communication: Respond to questions from applicants and

participants via email, phone, and in person.

● Site Logistics: Book appropriate training rooms and venues, ensuring they meet

all program needs.

● Technical Support: Ensure that tech needs are met for instructors, including

audio-visual and sound requirements.

● Supplies Management: Provide necessary supplies for programs, such as

flipcharts and other materials.

● Hospitality: Organize, order, set up, and clean up hospitality items like coffee,

lunch, and snacks.

● Communications: Distribute confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails to

participants and instructors/presenters.

● Invoice Management: Submit and track invoices for instructor/presenter

payments, honorariums, hospitality, and supplies.

● On-Site Support: Provide on-site event preparation and site support to ensure

smooth program delivery.

● Feedback Surveys: Develop, distribute, monitor, save, and organize program

feedback surveys.

● Program Reporting: Provide summary reports of programs and events.

● Additional Support: Provide other support as needed to ensure the success of

our programs.