Winnipeg Arts Council

RESCHEDULED TO MAY 24 @ noon CST!!!!!!! Zoom Discussion! Free! - What Should Disability Art Be in the Professional Art World?

“WHAT SHOULD DEAF AND DISABLED ART BE IN THE PROFESSIONAL ART WORLD?”. (Fine Art vs hobby vs therapy, training/self-trained, technical/conceptual skill level minimums vs inclusivity/gatekeeping, representing ‘serious’ disabled artist community, alternative standards for value, physical/mental disabilities affecting ‘professionalism’, art production work-arounds for physical disabilities (assistants, technologies, having others physically create your work, etc.), do different Arts genres have different standards? (literature/theatre/music/visual art/dance, etc.), do logistics function to preserve value/create inclusivity? (organizational mandates/Board makeup, jury selection panels, etc.)

Open to all. Send your name and access needs to [email protected] to register.Discussion facilitator

Michelle Wilson is a neuro-divergent artist and mother currently residing as an uninvited guest on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabeg, Haudenosaunee, Lenape, Attawandaron and Huron-Wendat peoples in London, Ontario. In the Euro-American archive, the bodies of other animals are used to convey colonial knowledge systems and their stories of survival are used to perpetuate myths of "settler saviours." As a feminist of settler descent working in colonial institutions, this is the legacy that Michelle has inherited and is confronting. She is currently a postdoctoral scholar with the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership at the University of Guelph.