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Launched in September 2023, this independent monthly series of NATURAL DANCE conditioning sessions offers a COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT experience of dance for ALL ABILITIES. Lab-style workshops on the first Sunday of each month welcome you TAKE BACK YOUR DANCE through instantaneous creation and measured observation. LEARN and EVOLVE from emergent dance forms! Join us in-person at various locations in Winnipeg; check the blog for updates (

Independent Dancers are motivated to produce dance independently; in solo, ensemble, collaborated and partnered contexts. They seek to push dance beyond any single category of “dance” and establish the dancer as THE artist of their own movement. Over the past year (2022-2023) Independent Dancers have orchestrated over 20 presentations of new dance. Partners have included The Gas Station Arts Centre, Crescent Arts Centre, aceartinc., Prairie Circus Arts, Winnipeg Public Library, numerous independent artists and numerous independent dancers. Independent Dancers have also led numerous workshops of Instant Dance and laboratory dance presentations. Independent Dancers appeared in 2022 Culture Days: IN/OUT DANCE SERIES I, Dance for Lunch @ Millennium Library Park. Independent Dancers is minded by, the repository for the new dance of iansmoz, a creative artist whose presence has been of-demand for decades and is a prolific producer of performance experiences. Independent dancers orchestrate the upcoming SCHOOL OF NATURAL DANCERS (Sept 2023 begin, Oct 2023 in Culture Days) and NEW DANCE MONTHLY. Independent Dancers twitch instant dance now and then, too: