Winnipeg Arts Council

“Tapume / Palissade” by Eduardo Aquino

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TAPUME means “construction hoarding” in Portuguese. For this project, the covered sidewalk-hoarding of Qaumajuq’s construction site (Inuit Art Centre, Winnipeg Art Gallery), peculiarly bears a painterly quality, reminiscent of a Kasimir Malevich or early Frank Stella, maybe Rothko’s elusive markings toward minimalism, or Mark Bradford’s delicate layers of found material. In this hoarding, interventions like graffiti or marks of bicycle tires overlap with patches of colour intended to cover them (Buffing). The result is a conversation between different languages in public space implying multiple meanings, generating indeterminate forms of field paintings. These are forms of ongoing exchange fabricating new images in a new space, becoming what I could call “incidental found paintings.” For the Maison des Artistes Francophones a new arrangement of the original hoarding fragments creates a new autonomous and independent group of new paintings.