Winnipeg Arts Council

The Five Drones- Cluster Festival 2023

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The Five Drones is presented by Cluster Festival and Video Pool Media Arts Centre.

The Five Drones is an exploration of the concept of drones in modern society. The installation is inspired by the term drone–a continuous, low-pitched sound, and the various connotations of the word in popular culture. As I reflect on the world we live in, I am struck by the increasing reliance on AI, technology, and the potential consequences this may have for humanity.

The installation itself is a manifestation of this exploration, consisting of five reverse five reverse avalanche oscillating drones placed in columns that tower over the subject. These drones represent the various implications of drones in modern society, from office workers to pilotless aircrafts, or autonomous weapons that have taken countless lives. I want this installation to challenge assumptions about the animal-kingdom operating solely on instinct. I sought to highlight the possibility of positive emotions in creatures we often perceive as mindless, and invite the audience to consider their own servitude and conformity and to reflect on the potential outcomes of the uncritically conforming roles in our day-to-day lives.