Winnipeg Arts Council

The Future of Black Artists in Manitoba - Interactive Conversations & Art Presentation

Free Admission  Venue:  Creative Foundation Centre - 1615 St. Mary's Road

If you are a cheerleader for the Arts and stands for human advancement and innovation, we welcome you to come and share your opinion. You are invited to come and share your thoughts. This event with the display of art and performances is for artists and those who are not artists to attend. 

BELOW ARE SHORT BIOS OF THE PRESENTERS AND ARTISTS: Dr. Ben Akoh serves as the founder and president of the African Movie Festival in Manitoba (AM-FM). The festival is a testament to his commitment to celebrating African cinema and fostering harmonious cross-cultural coexistence within Canada. Dr. Akoh has developed and implemented many programs with the United Nations and the World Bank in culture. ’Segun Olude is a seasoned graphic design professional who has developed many professional and institutional brands and identities. His portfolio includes editorial designs, event branding, signage, packaging, and communication materials for various agencies and NGOs. Olanrewaju Abiola is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from Ibadan, Nigeria. His practice escalates across various media, from pencil drawings to digitally projected installations. Abiola’s experimental approach enables the dissection of domestic dialogues into simpler representations using illustrated metaphors, while reorienting the meaning of those familiar occurrences. Yisa Akinbolaji is a Winnipeg-based experimental visual art, originally from Lagos Nigeria. Yisa is the Founder of Canadian Black Artists United and of the Creative Foundation. Before immigrating to Canada in 1997, he was recognized as a leading Nigerian artist with inclusion in "Nigerian Artists: A Who's Who and Bibliography" (1993) in a publication of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, Washington. D.C. Yisa's artistic contributions in Canada have thrice made it into the Canadian Parliament’s Chamber in Ottawa. Habeeb Andu’s practice investigates the socio-political climate of his home country, Nigeria and Africa at large. He was mentored by the late Nigerian artist, Ben Osaghae, who influenced his practice as an abstract expressionist and mixed-media artist. Andu employs a variety of discarded materials in his interrogation of the lived experiences of Africans, particularly those living under the margins of society. Opeyemi Olukotun’s work strives to celebrate the intricacies and fine details of his subject, from their subtle facial expressions, gestures and mannerism, to their unique habits, emotions and passion. Bola Oriyomi is a storyteller and cultural performer focused on singing, dancing and drumming that has been performing for over 25 years. Hailing from Ondo state in Nigeria, Bola was immersed and trained in traditional Yoruba culture and dance that has inspired her work and passion for the arts. She draws inspiration from traditional African folktales and her experiences throughout life to create engaging stories and performances.