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The Life of a Party Unraveling: (de)Press(i)On

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It is our pleasure to share an update on Lee Jones and Greta Grip's Media Art + Technology Residency that is wrapping up soon and will be showing from June 23 – September 15, 2023. The artists have been meeting with the VP team to narrow in on specific details of this new interactive work... an evolving/devolving, interactive, data-collecting, technology and craft related artwork that will respond not only to VP's gallery, but will involve ways of including other areas of the building while drawing together ideas and inspiration from both historical and current activities.

The theme for MATR this year is (de)PRESS(i)ON, and is a part of a year-long program celebrating and exploring VP’s 40th anniversary, what we are referring to as our Mid-life Crisis™. This program represents STAGE 4: Depression, or, as we like to think, PRESS ON.