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Vehicular Traffic, Sarah Collard

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Vehicular Traffic: What is your Vehicle? Exhibit by Sarah Collard

Exhibition hours: August 31 to September 12

First Friday: September 1, 11am to 9pm.

Meet the Artist times: Friday September 1, 5-9pm; Saturday September 2 and 9, 11-5pm

125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor. Winnipeg

This exhibition highlights the 100 year history of the Ford Motor Company in Canada while illustrating social behaviour. Originally, created to educate immigrants coming to Canada in a transitional space set in an airport, this exhibition was meant to stimulate thought around how one gets their needs met. Vehicles can be mechanized structures causing accidents, congestion or simply order. They can be arranged in sequence, driven cautiously and used for transportation. Unfortunately, they can also be used carelessly and cause destruction.

Included in this exhibition is a series of 10 wooden shaped cars, cut from a 4’ x 8’ sheet, into a silhouette of a Ford vehicle. Her reason for highlighting Ford is to honour their significant contribution to shaping Canadian cultural identity, to honour Sarah's father, a long-standing Ford employee. Each car is painted with imagery resembling the diversity of our social behaviour, not necessarily relating to its surrounding shape. By juxtaposing contrasting images on top of the vehicles, the viewer is forced to draw their own conclusions.

Sarah Collard is an artist, muralist and art teacher who has painted over 50 public art murals throughout Canada and has taught art for 30 years. She has been supported by organizations such as Take Pride Winnipeg, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ, the government of Manitoba, Manitoba Arts Council, MAWA, private businesses and The Murals of Winnipeg.

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