Winnipeg Arts Council

ZOOM DISCUSSION for Canadian Artists and Art Workers “Coming Out as a d/Deaf or Disabled Artist” with Alexia Vassos

Coming Out as a Disabled or d/Deaf Artist Facilitator: Alexia Vassos 

Mon, Nov 13, 6:30pm CST 


There will be a short presentation, followed by open, facilitated discussion. The goal of the sessions is robust discussion and critical thinking to enrich the practices of d/Deaf and disabled artists, advance professionalism status of disabled artists/art, and provide feedback to arts organizations and granting agencies about the needs of d/Deaf and disabled artists with an aim to focusing our efforts for the future. This session's topic may include: “invisible” vs “visible” disability hierarchies/legitimacy/privileges, social responsibility vs privacy, personal and professional ramifications, accessing disability inclusion policies/programs, tokenism, pigeonholing, dealing with stereotyping and misconceptions, breaking the mold, representing your community, pride, roadblocks, fair pay, historic and contemporary trailblazers and heroes AANM will be presenting a Discussion Series Event every two months: Stacey Abramson Jan 9 “Exploring Difficult Topics in Your Artwork” Andi Vicente March 14 “Diversity” Michelle Wilson May 14 “What Should d/Deaf and Disability Art Be in the Professional Art World?” Sheri Nault July 3 “Celebration and Revolution” Erika Jean Lincoln Sept 24 “Crip Technoscience Panel Discussion”.