Winnipeg Arts Council

Grants for Arts Organizations and Collectives

The Winnipeg Arts Council provides funding to not-for-profit Winnipeg arts organizations through the following multidisciplinary grant programs.

  • A woman wearing a hat and a jacket standing with her arms raised and her eyes closed. Image is overlapped with other images and colours of pinks and greens.

    Project Grant Program for Arts Organizations & Collectives

    The Project Grant Program for Arts Organizations & Collectives is intended for new and developing arts organizations, established arts organizations that work on a project basis, and arts organizations undertaking a special, one-time initiative.

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  • Multiple cars surround a large silver rectangular stage in a parking lot. The cars are mainly black and white in colour. On the stage, there are two dancers in grey tanktops and shorts. One of the dancers is walking to the left side of the stage, while the other has their left leg kicked up high in the centre of the stage.

    Multi-Year Grant Programs for Arts Organizations

    Three-year Operating Grants and two-year Program Support Grants make contributions to the operations of incorporated established arts organizations with a continuing presence in Winnipeg throughout the year or seasonally, and a track record of high-quality programming or services.

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  • The New Creations Fund for Arts Organizations

    The New Creations Fund encourages and supports creativity in Winnipeg by making funding available that contributes to the creation of significant and innovative new works of art in any discipline or combination of disciplines, the scope of which may not otherwise be possible.

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