Winnipeg Arts Council

Mayor’s Luncheon for the Arts 2008

The 2008 Mayor's Luncheon for the Arts was held on June 12 at the Fairmont Hotel.

Mayor Sam Katz was on hand to share remarks with the crowd and to present the 20008 Winnipeg Arts Council Awards. The guest speaker was Robert Enright and the mistress of ceremonies was Shawna Dempsey. Shakespearean greeters, Roderigo Beilfuss, Mel Marginet, Matthew TenBruggencate and Charlene Van Buekenhout welcomed the luncheon guests. The Rembrandt String Quartet, the Flying Lion Dance Troupe, and singers, Michael Au, Sarah Halmarson and Robert Maxwell with pianist, Beckie Edler enlivened the event with music, movement and song.

See all the winners of the 2008 Winnipeg Arts Council Awards here.

All photos are by Studio448.