Winnipeg Arts Council

Mayor’s Luncheon for the Arts 2009

The 2009 Mayor's Luncheon for the Arts was held on June 11, 2009 at the Fairmont Hotel.

While celebrating artists and the Winnipeg Arts Council Award winners, the Luncheon also acknowledged the 25th Anniversary of the Winnipeg Arts Council, and the City of Winnipeg's continuous investment in their arts and artists.

The event's guest speaker was Catherine Hunter and master of ceremonies was Wab Kinew. Guests were greeted by the brass quintet, Metalmorphosis and a splendid fanfare announced the Luncheon. Live from 95, a Winnipeg Arts Council "With Art" project created by the youth of IRCOM along with Jim Agapito, Ervin Chartrand and Wab Kinew, was previewed for those at the Luncheon.

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All photos are by William Eakin.