Winnipeg Arts Council

Mayor’s Luncheon for the Arts 2017

The 2017 Mayor's Luncheon for the Arts was held on June 8, 2017 at the Fort Garry Hotel. A wonderful variety of individual artists, arts organizations, local businesses and City Councillors were in attendance.

Mayor Brian Bowman was on hand to share remarks with the crowd and to present the 2017 Winnipeg Arts Council Awards. He spoke passionately about the importance of the arts in the city.

The Luncheon was hosted by singer/songwriter Leonard Sumner. He kept the crowd entertained, made sure things ran smoothly and spoke eloquently about protecting treaty rights. Sing Out Louise! kept us all tapping our toes and writer Alison Gillmor gave a thoughtful speech about the power of art.

There was also opening entertainment in the lobby and elevator by deaf mime troupe 100 Decibels and engaging artwork leading us into the event by Katherena Vermette, Andrew Balfour, Arlea Ashcroft, Claire Friesen and Chris Bodnaruk.

See all the winners of the 2017 Winnipeg Arts Council Awards here.

All photos by Robert Tinker.