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Mass Appeal

The Winnipeg Arts Council’s popular participatory concert series is back!

Mass Appeal 2019 was performed in front of the Gas Station Theatre on September 28, a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. Fall was in the air but it couldn’t hold back a determined group of players who came together to the delight of passers-by. Led by Winnipeg music teacher and performer Brian James and backed by an all-star band the group rolled through a selection of songs by Tracy Chapman, Beck, Taylor Swift, Neil Young and more.

Each Mass Appeal is a concert performed in public, and for, the public. Participation is free to anyone who wants to take part either as a performer or an audience member.

Each Mass Appeal event is a 30-minute concert performed under the guidance of a Music Director who has prepared a repertoire suitable for players of all ages and skill levels. Anyone can download the music from and practice the songs on their own and then take part in a group rehearsal followed by the performance. The website contains tips, links, videos, and sound files for the songs to be performed. With music selections ranging from very easy to more challenging, there is something for everyone.

Over the last four years, we have been delighted with the turnout and enthusiasm from Winnipeggers who sang, strummed, played and even danced in the rain. Find photos from all past Mass Appeal events at the website, or scroll on to see what happened this year.

We are currently working on a new series of Mass Appeal concerts to take place in Summer 2020.