I love words

by Duncan Mercredi
October 15, 2020

I love words
Words that are strung together creating a place built in my imagination, words, flowing from a page made of love, in my mind, I can feel the brush of fingers on my hand, the soft touch of lips against mine, I hear the words, whispered
I love words, said in anger, hateful, image of a face full of hate and desire, a description hard to draw words spewing out I can’t catch, yet I feel the sting
I love words, shh, the baby sleeps, dreams, she smiles, nipa, nipa, she drifts away carried to another place built by words, nipa, nipa, nitanis, words, old words, soothing, a face filled with age, appears, carrying old words, shh, nipa, nipa, nosimis
I love words
Words that tell stories, make you laugh, ones that echo across the seasons and the years, the language might have changed over time, the story doesn’t, neyinnowew, nohkum, nihtawew eh achimo
I love words, ones that appear suddenly and I can hear the story clearly, I slip back into a log cabin, warmed by a glowing tin stove, creak, creak, creak of a gently rocking chair, ekosi, nosim, mascha kayishimo, I drift, words follow me, I slip between old and new
I love words, they can weave magic when dark clouds gather and a gentle voice whispers, nipa, nipa, nosim.