and it begins

by Duncan Mercedi
April 30, 2020

and it begins
the city shakes the cobwebs off
the streets laughter echoes down arlington
then back again
cars exhaust hangs in the air
tires squeal trying to beat the others
he races alone
others are just enjoying the moment
barbeque aroma drifts down back alleys
a ball bounces across the street
child laughing chasing
a voice yells “look both ways”
child ignores the plea
a squirrel is busy trying to remember where he left his cache
a cat watches waiting for his chance
a bird distracts him
squirrel scolds him scurrying up a tree
the city shakes the cobwebs off
spare change, hand out
i shake my head
sometimes i just find it hard to dig in my pocket
i’ll get him next time
a couple walk by holding hands
he laughs at something she said
another walks her dog
struggling to control his joy
i’m on the corner of arlington and westminister
i look up at the sky
beginning to shadow as the sun heads west
the city shakes the cobwebs off
i think tonight i’ll wait for beauty to shine
dancing with the waking moon
i missed her last night
she hid behind the clouds
the city