i feel the season on my face

by Duncan Mercredi

no wind, not even a breeze
but i feel the season on my face
listen to blades cutting the ice
i am alone
yet not alone
i glide
i listen
train in the distance
heading west
traffic above me
as i slip beneath a bridge
a solitary figure
listening to the season
beneath my blades
city sleep walks singing quietly
above the banks of the river
it is a mournful song she sings
i reach the end of the trail
i turn and head back
trying to recapture my memories
ones that reappear
whenever i hear my blades cut the ice
no wind, no breeze
i feel the season on my face
i am at home here
river, ice, snow, cold, city sounds
just below the sounds of blades cutting ice
i reach the Red
head back
i feel the season on my face
my blades leave a temporary scar on the ice
to disappear later
but the story they carry will remain

drm/ january/2022/on the assini sipi