old song

by Duncan Mercredi
July 5, 2020

do you smile when the moon speaks to you when it full of life
or do you cry missing at what you’ve lost
why do you laugh
when the river sings
is your laughter full of memories
why do you dance
when the wind bends the trees
does their movements take you back to another time
and you danced hearing the music in the breeze
why do you cry
when you first hear a baby’s heartbeat
does it remind you of a place you’ve never been to
why do you hug the night close to you
is it full of warmth and stories
and you drift on a voice you never heard as a child
why do you turn to look around
when you catch a familiar scent
and a soft breath on your forehead calms you
why cry
why laugh
why dance
why sing
does it calm you
to know
not everything was taken from you