The city is a restless sleep

by Duncan Mercredi
August 21, 2020

The city is a restless sleep
Vehicle sings an angry haunting song
Voices rise in anger
Echoing from places that used to laugh
Shadows no longer welcoming
Even for an old shadow chaser like me
Each greeting is nodded in mistrust
Quick look quicker glance away
No longer a hurried walk
A sidestep away
Almost apologetic
The city is a restless sleep
the man sits up
lights a cigarette
stares out the window
even in the darkness
he can sense the clouds gathering
took the dog to the park
west of here
he ran and ran and ran
I could feel the joy in him
We walked across the ball park
Two men on a bench
Smoke lifts
I wait, dog wants to go
It begins
One just one on the bench
Coughs and coughs and coughs
The other seems unconcerned
I breathe deep
I understand
Definitely not store bought
The city is a restless sleep
And shares its stories with us