This City Mourns

by Duncan Mercredi
April 15, 2020

the streets empty
although you can hear traffic blocks away
but even those street noise sound muffled
like the concrete trails know that the city is blue
saddened by the sudden darkness in the alleys
that silent song of a frightened singer
no one listening
the city weeps
you can hear it
somewhere a drum beats
but no one is there to dance
a bus goes by
nearly empty
a lone passenger gazes out the window
he sees me but not seeing me
in a hurry to get nowhere
the city mourns
i step out to gaze at the evening star
but even she does not linger
chasing the shadow of the night towards the horizon
i had a dream once
i walked the empty streets
the music had faded
the moon hid behind a cloud
the evening star was nowhere to be seen
that was only a dream
it had no meaning
no story to tell
this is different
the city sleeps 2020