this is why i cry

by Duncan Mercredi

this is why i cry
danger falls from the sky
i want to walk
and laugh
amongst the trees by the street
i want to feel the sun warm my face
not hide among the ruins
covered in dust and hate
i am just a child
i want to see the stars
lighten a place filled with darkness
all the lights have dimmed
and nightmares have returned
this is why i cry
a wall blocks my path
and my tears fall silent
hiding my fears
while i play
all my friends are faceless
only i can see
i hide behind the mask
so i can breathe again
i hear the laughter
and the mockery
and a voice that should know better
calls out behind me
it’s all a lie
that is why i cry
i place a flower on a lonely place
where we once played
a little piece of beauty
now sits empty and silent
just a little flower placed upon it
to remind me
beauty once lived here
that is why i cry