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Chinatown Neighbourhood Banners 唐人街挂幅

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插画家麦月明(Natalie Mark)以喜悦与热情的心为唐人街创作了精美的艺术挂幅!作品的创作灵感来自天朝大厦的公共花园,一个来自各行各业的人们能够相遇、相识、相聚的地方。这八面挂幅形成了一种视觉上的「花园」,藉此来分享被主流历史所遗忘或忽略的经历与故事,并去实践世代传承的社群教诲。




With joy and enthusiasm, illustrator Natalie Mark has created banners for Chinatown! Their work is inspired by the Dynasty Building’s public garden, a place where people from all walks of life meet. The eight banners are a visual “garden” to share people’s experiences that history has forgotten or ignored, and to honour community teachings.

This artwork is shaped by Natalie’s life-long relationship with the neighbourhood, their parents’ experiences as workers here, and the complex realities of people living in the area. Chinatown is more than stereotypes, more than what you can find in historical documents, and more than land for development. These banners celebrate the whole community to create a complete picture of the neighbourhood.

The Buddhist Treasures you see on these banners — Conch Shell, Victory Banner, Parasol, Lotus Flower, Treasure Vase, Pair of Fish, and Endless Knot — share lessons of compassion. This is similar to the Seven Teachings of Honesty, Humility, Courage, Truth, Wisdom, Respect, and Love. The Seven Teachings act as guiding principles in how we can live alongside one another. These days, many schools in Winnipeg share the Seven Teachings to inspire the next generation toward reconciliation and compassion.

Natalie hopes that visitors, residents, and workers alike enjoy the new banners. Their goal is to thoughtfully show the current Chinatown community. You are invited to explore the food, medicine and tea shops and restaurants, to smile at your neighbours, and to see Chinatown with new eyes.

This public art project is a collaborative initiative between the Winnipeg Arts Council and the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ. The Downtown Winnipeg BIZ promotes, cares and advocates for a vibrant and inclusive downtown where business thrives and people are drawn to live, shop and explore.

Thank you to Dr. Tina Chen, Kwok Ngan, Pauline Leung, Dr. Jiuyong Xie, Yikun Wang, Szu Shen and Sarah Michaelson for sharing your wisdom with us.

Natalie Mark

Natalie 麥月明 is an artist based in Winnipeg. Their work ranges from illustration, comics, public programming, and installation. In addition to their illustrative practice, they have co-created an installation at Pride Toronto’s street fair; facilitated workshops; and created video work for Reel Asian International Film Festival. They have had their work published with LGBTQ+ and BIPOC centric small press, Old Growth Press, and they continue to self-publish their own work. They draw from lived experiences and the knowledge shared between friends, family, and community. Recently they have been teaching at their local art gallery to teens and adults alike. Natalie loves going to their local library, reading indie comics, and making zines!

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