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engaging WITH ART

A documentary film that looks at the impact of diverse collaborations between artists and community in Winnipeg achieved through the WITH ART program.

Directed by Jim Agapito, Produced by the Winnipeg Arts Council

Jim Agapito, Director

Jim Agapito is a Filipino writer, producer, director from Winnipeg. He has worked in Canadian film and television for both broadcasters and independent productions for the past four years producing documentaries, short films, music videos and DVDs. “Working with the youth of IRCOM has been one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling experiences that I've ever had.”

Ervin Chartrand, Cinematographer

Ervin Chartrand is an award winning Metis filmmaker who resides in Winnipeg. He has directed multiple dramatic shorts, music videos and documentaries. Prior to his career in film, Chartrand was a gang leader who reformed his life after being incarcerated. He continues to speak to youth about his experiences. This created a special bond with some of the high-risk youth of IRCOM. “I followed a path of destruction, before I found myself behind prison walls and overcame the most challenging times. I wanted to reach out to all the troubled youth and talking at schools wouldn't cut it, so I became a filmmaker.”

Engaging WITH ART

This is the full documentary. It is 23 minutes long.

An excerpt fromEngaging WITH ART

Artist Sarah Crawley talks about her experience working with the Eritrean Community in Winnipeg through the WITH ART program.

An excerpt fromEngaging WITH ART

Playwright Hope McIntyre talks about her experience creating a play with the Winnipeg Harvest-sponsored food bank at the First Unitarian Universalist Church though the WITH ART program.

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