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Healthy Relationships 101

Reflecting on what it means to build healthy relationships in the face of a culture which often portrays unhealthy and abusive relationships as the norm, youth participants ranging in age from fourteen to seventeen took part in conversations about communication, trust, consent, mutual respect, boundaries, self-care, compassion, patience, and even how to break up in a healthy way. This focused dialogue produced an outpouring of artistic expression. The young artists from across Winnipeg shared their work at a variety show at the West End Cultural Centre on Saturday, May 19, 2018, where the public was treated to poetry readings, live music, trivia games and a fashion show. 

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Teen Talk Peer Supporters with Patrick 'Pip Skid' Skene

About Teen Talk Peer Supporters
Teen Talk is a youth health education program that provides services for youth from a harm reduction, prevention education perspective. They believe that youth can make healthier decisions and choices for themselves when provided with accurate, non-judgmental information about sexual and mental health.

Peer Supporters are young people who provide support to other young people by listening, supporting, referring and giving information about health and safety. They are volunteers who reach out to peers in their community to provide accurate information, resources and links to services in their communities. They are the bridge for connecting their peers with what they need.

About Pip Skid
Patrick “Pip Skid” Skene is a professional rapper, visual artist and community arts facilitator. He has extensive experience working with youth and community. Skene started rapping in his hometown of Brandon, Manitoba. As a member of the seminal rap group Farm Fresh, he helped create a hip-hop scene in the small city. Skene continues to release albums and tour throughout North America and Europe. More recently, Skene has emerged as a visual artist, whose drawings could only come from the imagination of someone who has never felt quite at home in the world he lives in.

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