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Hey Today

Hey Today promotes a call to climate action and aims to inspire change—we can all make a difference with a few small adjustments to our daily lives, our Earth depends on it!

Winnipeg/Gimli indie rock group Mise en Scene created this original environmental anthem, animated music video by Nicholas Friesen, and 'making of' documentary with Green Action Centre through the WITH ART Community Public Art Program. Green Action Centre is an organization committed to human involvement in global ecological sustainability through education, awareness, and action. Artists and musicians Stefanie Johnson and Jodi Dunlop sat in on Youth Green Action Plan workshops and met with community members to establish a common theme for the anthem: Hope and urgency to act.

It’s not too late to make a change!

Hey Today launched as part of Green Action Centre’s Earth Day programming at the Manitoba Children’s Museum on April 22, 2023. Children and their families were treated to a live performance by Mise en Scene along with hands-on activities and learning about energy conservation, waste reduction, recycling, and vermicomposting.

Watch it now! (below)

Mise en Scene (Stefanie Johnson and Jodi Dunlop)

Mise en Scene is the grunge pop/garage rock band from Gimli who has turned heads on the stages of major international festivals. Founded by BFF art school buds, the band is known for their whirlwind of rock-rooted, reverb-drenched dream pop that perfectly meshes modern vibes with vintage charm. Daydreaming decadence and jam-packed dance floors, they bring a raucous symphony of rolling thunder drums and Rickenbacker riffage with a bark that matches its bite.

Hey Today

Animation by Nicholas Friesen

Behind the scenes, making Hey Today

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