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Morning Star

Morning Star, named for the first star you see in the morning, the star that guides us, is embedded in the floor of the Roundhouse Auditorium at RRC Polytech’s Manitou a bi Bii daziigae. The artwork by KC Adams honours Indigenous artistry and technology while highlighting its importance to our past, present, and future. Look for design details that reference birch bark biting, the star blanket, the medicine wheel, triangles, snakes, weaving, traditional tattooing, and circuitry.

Thank you to Diamond Schmitt and Antex Western for working creatively with KC. 

RRC Polytech commissioned this work, along with The Path of Our Ancestors by Jackie Traverse, through an invitational competition managed by the Winnipeg Arts Council. Indigenous artists were invited to develop integrated artworks in response to the idea of innovation rooted in place. Collection of RRC Polytech.

In the media:

KC Adams

KC Adams is of Anishinaabe, Niheyew, and British descent and lives in Winnipeg. Adams is a relational maker whose work connects to Indigenous axiology and epistemology––recognizing her role as an educator, activist, community member and mentor. In addition, Adams creates work that explores technology and its relationship to her Indigenous identity and knowledge systems.

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