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The Path of Our Ancestors

RRC Polytech welcomes you to Manitou a bi Bii daziigae with Jackie Traverse’s artwork celebrating traditional gathering places. The brushstrokes in her woodlands-style painting are digitally printed on laminate. Look up to see the Red and Assiniboine Rivers flow alongside a sweat lodge, buffalo trails, the sun and moon, an eagle feather, strawberries, a turtle, bear prints, and the original peoples of this land.

Thank you to Haley Zhou and Diamond Schmitt Architects for working creatively with Jackie. RRC Polytech commissioned this work, along with Morning Star by KC Adams, through an invitational competition managed by the Winnipeg Arts Council. Indigenous artists were invited to develop integrated artworks in response to the idea of innovation rooted in place. Collection of RRC Polytech. Collection of RRC Polytech.

In the media:

Jacqueline Traverse

Jackie Traverse is a multi-disciplinary Indigenous artist with a practice rooted in community. She draws her inspiration from her Ojibway culture and her community of Lake St. Martin First Nation, and her experiences as a native woman living in Winnipeg. She is widely known in art communities across Canada for her painting, drawing, documentary, and sculptural works that speak to the realities of being an Indigenous woman.

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