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Musicians getting together and just playing. Experimenting with genres, instruments, and vocal techniques, jamming to capture all of the possibilities. Tunes, being shaped, into four new songs. Mixing and mastering the recordings, winding up with the production of a brand new music video.

It is the alchemy of music creation that professional musicians engage in all the time.  It’s also the process that began when songwriter Lindsey White met with participants of Gaining Resources Our Way Inc. to discuss music.

The group studied various musical genres from folk and rap to “Metal Elvis”, and allowed everyone the opportunity to explore. Participants boldly played new instruments and sang together both as group and individually. Jamming resulted in creation.

The Winnipeg Arts Council matched Lindsey White with participants at G.R.O.W. through the Winnipeg Arts Council’s WITH ART community public art program. For many, it was their first experience with being in a band and making music as part of a team.

“For all of us, this has been an empowering opportunity to raise our unique voices together and say what only we can, through music.” – Lindsey White, artist.

The recording was engineered by Len Milne. Red Moon Media produced the video.

Where to G.R.O.W. from Here was launched with a community concert a the Berney Theatre on Tuesday, June 19 featuring musical performances by G.R.O.W. and Lindsey White’s band. Download the concert program and lyrics (PDF).

*UPDATE Dec 19, 2019: Lindsey White and G.R.O.W. will continue to create music together in 2020 with additional funding from the Manitoba Arts Council.

Watch the video:
Watch the music video

Listen to the music on ReverbNation

All songs written and recorded by Lindsey White and participants from G.R.O.W. including Adam Milne, Ade Olorundare, Akiva Fishman, Alex Tallman, Allie Klowak, Benji Leibl, Disty Leipsic, Erica O'Brien-Klewchuk, Jacek Garbowicz, Jordan Lazareck, Kenyon Davidson, Matthew Loewen, Rachel Nickel and Ryan Morwick.

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G.R.O.W. with Lindsey White

About Lindsey White
Called “groovy folk-rock” and showcased on stages all over Canada, the music of Lindsey White uses many instruments and one strong voice to craft performances with unmistakable passion and emotional depth. Whether intimately on her own or filling the stage with her band, her live presence offers a playground of energetic musicianship and thoughtfully crafted lyrics. She throws similar passion into inspiration-based music sessions with creative youth in Winnipeg and other parts of Canada. This work landed her a nomination for a Winnipeg Arts Council “Making a Mark” award and a designation as one of the CBC Manitoba Future 40.

About G.R.O.W.
Gaining Resources Our Way Inc. (G.R.O.W.) is a life skills program for young adults with social and intellectual disabilities. G.R.O.W.'s focus is to enhance the potential of its participants and to provide opportunities for them to engage with the community and lead an independent life.