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Voices is an ongoing series where we ask arts workers in Winnipeg to reflect on the impact of the arts in their lives.

  • Rap Talk

    Rap talk

    Rap helped me through every phase of my life thus far. I wrote these short paragraphs to highlight the journey.

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  • The Lights of my City

    I carry an image in my memory of a place that is real but does not exist. This cave is, of course, within me. When I speak or write about it my hands go to my chest and stomach, so I think that’s where it lives.

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  • Pause...

    I have written more in the past two years than in the last fifteen.

    I am both reluctant and full of pride to say these words aloud, one of the sound bites I’ve been touting during media interviews. I hold my head held high, but inside I am wrought with survivor’s guilt. Then I admonish myself for being ashamed of feeling pride.

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