WAC Arts Awards Winners for 2009

On the Rise

Marie-Josée Dandeneau

Marie-Josée Dandeneau goes over and above expectation for a young musician. In a remarkably short period of time, she has emerged as a promising young artist in the music community, having already toured the world and played on numerous albums.

Nominated by Alan Greyeyes.

Making a Mark

Diana Thorneycroft

Touted as one of the most challenging image-makers in Canada, for well over a decade Diana Thorneycroft has received significant critical recognition for her photographic work, both nationally and internationally.

Nominated by Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Andris Taskans

Andris Taskans’ passion for editing Prairie Fire magazine and for organizing literary events has created a unique legacy that continues to benefit readers and writers in Winnipeg and across Canada.

Nominated by Prairie Fire Press.

Arts Champion

William H. & Shirley E. Loewen

For decades, William and Shirley Loewen have supported the arts in Winnipeg. They are motivated by personal passion and social responsibility, and they are as generous as they are unassuming.

Nominated by Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Manitoba Opera, and the Manitoba Theatre Centre.